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3 Ways to Enjoy Retirement Using Sydney Aged Care Services

Men are less likely to take advantage of elderly and aged care services, a new study reports.

According to a report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), older men are less likely to use aged care services. In Sydney, for instance, it is estimated that only about 30% of those who availed home care services are men.

“Older men typically value outdoor activities and those outside home,” says Dr. Anthony Brown, Adjunct Fellow at the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre, University of Western Sydney. “But many home care services were perceived as providing domestic assistance and other tasks that men consider to be women’s domain.”

For men, retirement is often an ironic stage in life. By now, you might have saved a fortune after working hard for decades and you have all the free time to do whatever you want. We all have that strong drive to pursue our passions, but our failing bodies hinder us.

Changing your mindset towards aged care service will greatly help you to enjoy your life even after retirement. Read on to find out.

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Retirement Using Sydney Aged Care Services

You might be thinking what will you do with your life when you retire? This is true for men who have been active all those years and now facing the possibility of spending most of their time at home. The most important concern is to make sure that you are safe and healthy enough to take advantage of your free time. Second, you need to make certain that you have enough money to pay for what you want to do. And finally, you need to find activities that can help you enjoy your retirement.

Stay Healthy

To take pleasure during your retirement years, and avoid spending most of your money on medical expenses, it is crucial to watch your health before and during retirement. Eat nutritious food, limit or reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, stay away from a sedentary lifestyle and avoid stress. Doing all these things is quite easy when you were young, but in old age, it could be a real challenge. That is why it is important to seek aged home care services in Sydney.

Since 1 July 2015, all Home Care Packages are now provided on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis. Professional carers can help you maintain your health by helping you buy fresh produce from the store, cooking delicious and nutritious meals, helping you with daily walks and they may accompany you for your medical check ups. With this you can save time that you can use to do the things you want to do, the things that you enjoy most.

Have Enough Money to Live Comfortably

Is your retirement fund already set? Is it enough to sustain your preferred lifestyle when you retire as well as pursuing the things you love? Financial planning is most important during retirement and aged care. It is highly recommended to seek advice from reliable aged care financial advisors in Sydney to grow and protect your wealth. Sorting out your finances as early as now could help you safeguard your family and help you to plan and live a comfortable and dignified life.

After retirement, you may realize that you don’t have enough money to meet your needs. If so, you may consider selling your home and move to an apartment or a much affordable accommodation. (Related Post: Pensioners may be forced to sell Sydney homes as government tightens means testing)

Pursue the Things That You Love

Your body may not be as strong as before, but your mind could be at its sharpest state. In fact, many people have stumbled upon success during their retirement years. Colonel Harland Sanders was 65 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Peter Roget invented the Thesaurus at Age 73. Millard Kaufman published his first novel at the age of 90. It’s never too late follow your passion in life. Maybe it’s time to start writing that novel idea that has been bugging you for decades, or start rekindling your relationship with that oil and canvas? You can even start a business, which you can grow and become your legacy for your family. The things that you can do are endless. But to do all these things, you need a bit of help for your needs, through assisted living or Sydney aged care services.

For more information on how you can enjoy your life after retirement, call Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers on 1300 659 677.



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