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Aged Care Help! The 5 Professionals You Need Most For Aged Care

Let’s face it, the journey to aged care can be a challenging time for the resident and the entire family.  We know you only want nothing but the best for yourself or for your loved one. But this doesn’t mean that aged care system should take up all of your energies. Help is available. One thing you need to know is there are some key professionals in Sydney whom you can turn to whenever you need assistance and advice. These people can share their expertise with you in order to make your journey to aged care a lot easier.

Living Better, Living Longer is a list of government’s aged care reforms that was recently launched on 1 July 2014. Its goal is to provide a system where everyone can have access to better choices when it comes to aged care. Our goal is the same. That is why we are here to help you in every step of the way with our blog post Aged Care Help! The 5 Professionals You Need Most For Aged Care

 1. Your Doctor.

Your GP is the person who will give an initial diagnosis of your needs leading to aged care. Some people may have special needs and not everyone is the same. Caring for someone with dementia or hearing/vision difficulties needs special attention and may require extra services at the aged care facility. If your doctor thinks that entry to aged care is the best for you, he/she will refer you to a Sydney ACAT.

 2. ACAT Team Member.

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) decides whether you are eligible for aged care or not.  ACAT is typically based in a Sydney hospital or near the hospital and facilitated by a nurse, doctor, social worker, occupational therapist or physiotherapist. After you have contacted ACAT and made an appointment a team member will then visit your home or hospital to assess your needs. ACAT will determine what kind of aged care services you require and can refer you to potential residential aged care places in your area.

 3. Financial Adviser.  

Entry to aged care is indeed a challenging time for you and for your family. It may involve a lot of financial stress if you are not well prepared. Our specialized aged care financial advisers will provide you with a number of options on how you can pay the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). We also include various scenario’s available to the residents family to minimise aged care fees, maximise any age pension benefits and manage cash flow.

4. Solicitor.

When it comes to paper work, a solicitor can help you prepare and understand agreements that will lead you to better decisions. A local Sydney solicitor has an in-depth knowledge of ongoing policies and government legislation and it is best to seek a solicitor’s advice before you enter a binding contract to avoid any costly mistakes.

5. Real Estate Agent.

For many residents going into a nursing home, selling or renting their house to fund aged care costs will be unavoidable. In other cases, a financial adviser may recommend that it is the best strategy from a range of available options due to your financial circumstances. In both these instances the help of a good local Sydney real estate agent will be invaluable. The real estate agent can advise you of the likely current value of the property, link you to potential buyers and do the negotiations for you.  The real estate agent can also manage your property if you wish to keep it and rent it out.

As you can see, aged care is complex and in many cases you will need professional help. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to talk to us and we will gladly help you with your concerns. You need not be alone in this journey.

Regards, Phil

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