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Angry Seniors In The Media Over Aged Care Changes

The Living Better, Living Longer aged care reforms are finally approaching launch date of 1 July 2014 and now the media is getting very interested.

See this Channel 9 ‘exclusive’ financial report above.

The scope of these changes is far-reaching, and will make aged care more expensive for many. I expect that interest in this issue will take off over the next few weeks as the media and the public realise the impact it will have on the finances of seniors and their families. It could well cause the government yet another headache, even though it was Labor that first proposed these reforms.

I have written before about how these looming reforms are a bureaucratic nightmare, and if anything, residents and their families will have a much greater need for aged care financial advice after 30 June 2014.

Stay tuned for more updates and please feel free to call our office for help or advice on 1300 659 677.

Regards, Phil

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