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Exploring Advice and Financial Planning Options for Your Parents' Aged Care with the Help of Advisers in the Sydney City CBD

Facing a sudden life event that flips everything upside down is difficult, especially when it concerns one of your elderly parents. When it becomes clear that they can no longer safely live independently, a transition to an aged care facility is frequently the choice many families make. However, though that choice may be the clear and correct path, there may be a roadblock in the way: the financial aspect. Aged care is not just one large up-front expense; it’s also an ongoing financial obligation that you should account for well into the future. With the help of aged care financial services in the Sydney CBD from the professionals at SACFA, you can access an entire toolbox of options to make this process easier.

It’s natural to have many questions and concerns, especially if you want to sell the family home as soon as possible. However, it’s better to take care and make smart plans now. Doing so can pay off in the future and reduce your overall level of anxiety towards the process. With the ability to work with both those planning far in advance and those with urgent needs, our aged care financial advisers in the Sydney CBD are here to help you make sense of your situation. Let’s consider an overview of how we might approach helping a typical client — it all starts with good listening.

Using the aged care financial services we offer in the Sydney CBD

When you contact our team for assistance, we first need to know details about your situation. Explain the situation as it stands, and work with us to establish the needs that must be met — for example, achieving a transition to an aged care facility within the next three months. Once we confirm a full understanding of what you require, we can schedule your first appointment. This completely free consultation will constitute a deeper dive into your requirements and the type of aged care financial planning you want in SydneyCity.

After this stage, you have the option to commit to working with our team. Once you’ve completed the proper paperwork, we develop the tailored strategy you’ve requested before a second meeting. Here, we’ll present our findings and lay out the options. Together, we’ll figure out the best way forward, with ongoing advice and planning available.

Contact our offices to explore your next steps

The SACFA team is here to help even when you require urgent aged care financial advice in Sydney City. For example, if one of your parents has recently entered respite care and it’s clear that a transition is necessary, we suggest scheduling an appointment at your earliest convenience. Working together, we can identify strategies for affording the costs and even work on your behalf to negotiate with aged care homes about the cost of a bond. For a basic overview to get you started on the subject, view our answers to frequently asked questions. Then contact us and share the details of your situation.

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