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Get Help with Aged Care Financial Planning from the Right Advisers in the Northern Suburbs

Perhaps mum or dad recently had a fall that has made you question whether they are safe to continue living alone. Alternatively, maybe a grandparent is showing escalating signs of dementia and needs the round-the-clock care that a nursing home can provide. Before doing anything else, you should sit down with aged care financial advisers in the Northern Suburbs to discuss your situation. The right advisor can help you make calm, carefully considered decisions with a strong financial plan behind them.

SACFA: Your Source for Aged Care Financial Advice in the Northern Suburbs

At Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers (SACFA), we offer niche services oriented towards helping elderly patients and their families make the right decisions concerning aged care. Unlike the average financial advisor, we can offer financial planning services informed by the circumstances, challenges, and expenses, of aged care. Simply put, we understand the emotionally trying situations that often lead families to place their loved ones into aged care. We are also familiar with the anxieties that tend to accompany this major decision. Our awareness of these factors, combined with our knowledge and experience as financial advisers, enable us to provide some of the finest aged care financial services in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

Suffice to say that watching a parent or grandparent get older is a difficult experience for anyone. Seeing someone you love lose their mental or physical independence is a troubling reminder of the impermanence of everything. Needless to say, these circumstances don’t always lead to decisions ruled by logic and consideration. Some families remain in denial for too long about a loved one’s need for aged care. Others acknowledge the need for aged care services but grapple with fears about the cost. ‘Will we have to sell the family home to fund aged care?’ is one of the queries we get most frequently at SACFA.

At SACFA, we strive to give sound aged care financial advice in the Northern Suburbs. We want to help you minimise the costs and fees of aged care, negotiate better outcomes for your loved ones, understand the options that are available to you and avoid potentially costly errors. Again, the emotional and personal nature of deciding to place a loved one into aged care makes it difficult to make rational decisions or consider the far-reaching implications of those decisions. Our services are designed to help you plan so that the financial side of aged care has less of an impact on the lives of everyone involved.

Sit Down with SACFA Advisers for a Free Consultation

If you and your family need aged care financial planning in the Northern Suburbs, look no further than SACFA. We will offer services tailored to suit your specific needs and concerns. From determining whether to sell the family home to considering the pros and cons of Government-subsidised aged care, we can help you consider the aged care landscape from every angle. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with our team.

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