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Finding Aged Care Financial Advisers in the Inner West for Professional Advice and Efficient Planning Services

How will you someday care for those who cared for you throughout your younger life? As our parents age, these are the types of questions with which many of us will grapple. Whether a recent turn in your mum or dad’s health has you questioning the right path forward, or if you’re simply trying to make contingency plans, money will play an undeniable role in the decisions. Aged care homes can deliver a very high level of comfort for your parents, but they do come with a price tag. It’s normal to look at the cost and feel some concern — how can you afford to pay for an accommodation bond without causing financial strain in your life now or in the future?

At Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers, we offer InnerWest residents a clear way forward. Many things can be done both now and, in the future, to ensure that you can cover all costs. Even if you are facing an urgent need to move a loved one into a care facility, you can rely upon our aged care financial services in the Inner West to ensure a positive outcome for all. What are some of the key ways our advice may help you in such situations?

Caring for your parents without major financial disruption

First and foremost, our aged care financial planning options in the InnerWest allow you to step back and look at the bigger picture regarding the financial situation and the needs that any solution must meet. Planning is key to avoiding rushed decisions and can help you to avoid mistakes that have consequences in the future. We’ll ask you questions about your individual situation and tailor our advice in response.

Next, we can help to maximise pension benefits and even negotiate with aged care homes on your behalf. Based on what we learn about you, your family’s assets, and other information, we can decide how to proceed. In one example, we might be able to identify some options for boosting your parent’s CentreLink pension. With more funds available, you have more options to facilitate a smooth transition to aged care.

As a final benefit, we help you plan far into the future. The aged care financial advicewe offer in the InnerWest isn’t limited solely to how to pay for the immediate costs. What type of cash-flow will you have to work with after your parent settles into the facility? In other words, you may know how to pay for the care today, but what about five years from now? We identify the strongest ways to ensure continued comfort.

Find out more about using our aged care financial services in the Inner West

Answering the tough questions now can prevent them from becoming even tougher in the future. Together with Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers, you and your family can lay the foundation for a graceful sunset that is not a source of concern or undue worry. To arrange for a free consultation with SACFA, please call us now.

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