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Making It Easier to Move into Aged Care and Where to Find Aged Care Planning Specialists and Consultants in Sydney

Even when you’re moving under the happiest circumstances, such as moving in with your new spouse for the first time or moving into your dream home, planning to move is still extremely stressful. When it’s time for our parents to move out of their home into an aged care facility, there is not only the typical logistical hassle of moving but also the emotional stress that comes with leaving behind a familiar home for a new place these family members aren’t sure about yet. There’s no way to make this transition painless, but there are some steps you can take to make the move easier on your ageing parents.

Start talking about it early on

Moving into aged care isn’t something you want to spring on your parents at the last minute. Ideally, you’ll discuss the topic long before they actually need to move so they’ll begin to accept it as a plan and understand why it’s necessary. If it’s too late for that, bring up the subject in a respectful way and avoid phrasing it as a demand. Nobody likes feeling as if they’ve lost their independence.

Emphasise the benefits of moving, such as living near people their age, less risk when it comes to falls and illness, and always having someone around when they need help. Sometimes there are even luxurious amenities to talk about, such as regular onsite activities or a pool.

Find the right facility

Not just any place will do. Work together to decide on an aged care facility that meets their needs and supplies most of what they want, too. For example, they may wish to find a pet-friendly facility or one that focuses on health and fitness. List their most essential requirements and their top “nice to haves,” and then research and visit facilities in your area to find the one that fits the best.

Pare down belongings

Most people move into aged care facilities that are much smaller than their homes, so it’s essential to minimise the number of belongings your parents have before they move. Choose the most important things and pack them for the move–let everything else go. You may give some things away to family members or other loved ones, keep somethings in storage, sell some things, and donate some to charity. Whatever you decide, get started as early as possible on decluttering your parents’ home (with their input throughout the process, of course).

Get help with aged care planning in Sydney

At SACFA, we are aged care consultants in Sydney who assist our clients with advice on effectively managing and funding the cost of aged care. If it’s time to move your ageing parent into aged care, then aged care specialists in Sydney can be of great help. We have helped many families avoid costly errors, minimise fees, understand all their options, and boost their income by investing the remaining home sale proceeds.

Moving your parents can be an extremely stressful and emotional time, and advice from specialists or consultants can ease the burden. Contact SACFA today for more information.

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