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What You Need to Know about ACAT Assessments, from What They Are to Finding Assessment Providers in Sydney

At Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers (SACFA), our job is to help elderly adults and their families, friends or loved ones’ plan for aged care arrangements. When the moment comes to move an older adult into aged care, there are typically questions and concerns about the transition. Many of these questions or concerns involve the financial side of aged care. ‘How are we going to pay for this kind of service?’ is a question we frequently hear at SACFA. One common option is to go through an ACAT assessment, which we can assist with by helping our customers find Sydney ACAT assessment providers.

What Is an ACAT Assessment?

ACAT is an acronym that stands for ‘Aged Care Assessment Team.’ ACAT providers organise and execute ACAT assessments, which are required by law for any patient who is applying for Government-funded aged care services. If you or a loved one is pursuing Government assistance for services including home care, assisted living care, nursing home care or any other type of aged care, you should plan on an ACAT assessment.

That point answers the ‘What is an ACAT assessment?’ question, but a bigger question might be what ACAT providers are seeking. When it comes to ACAT assessments in Sydney, what should elderly individuals or their families expect?

Essentially, the purpose of an ACAT assessment is to determine what type or level of aged care a patient needs. Is the patient still of relatively able body and mind, to the point where she could continue living in her home with minimal assistance? Or does the patient require more round the clock care, such as what he would receive in a nursing home setting? An ACAT provider will try to answer these types of questions, to ascertain where the patient needs to go and what the required services are likely to cost.

Determining the Next Steps: Do You Need an ACAT Assessment or Not?

If you or your family is planning on pursuing Government assistance for aged care services, then an ACAT assessment is a must. To that point, SACFA can help, whether you need to know how to get an ACAT assessment in Sydney or want help preparing for an upcoming assessment. If you aren’t sure whether to go through the ACAT assessment process, though, we can provide advice on practical and financial matters, to help you make the most sound decision possible.

Not all aged care services are funded by the Federal Government, which means not all aged care services require an ACAT assessment. Something such as home care is much more likely to go through the private sector than a nursing home, most of which are at least partially funded or subsidised by the Government. Our team at SACFA can sit down with you and your family to determine the best steps forward.

Decisions to start utilising aged care services for the first time or to ramp them up to the next level are big ones. They affect everything from quality of life to financial security. At SACFA, we can help you and your loved ones deal with these questions fully and logically. Call us today to learn more.

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