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Preparing Financially for the Cost of Aged Care or a Nursing Home in Sydney

Placing a loved one in aged care often occurs during one of the most stressful times in a family’s life. From urgent decision-making to financial management to finding the perfect facility for your loved one, the responsibilities are enough to make anyone feel scared and overwhelmed. Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers helps families assess their situation to figure out how to transition their loved ones into aged care with as much financial support and care as possible.

The cost of aged care in Sydney can be high, and the process of selecting a facility and figuring out how to cover the cost may be difficult to navigate. We believe in listening to your situation and asking you plenty of questions so we can provide you with trusted financial advice and transparency. We offer easy-to-understand documents with our input and invoices fully disclosed. Ultimately, we believe in providing value by creating a map for your family to well-thought-out financial decisions and a safe home for your loved one.

Making a Plan for the Cost of Aged Care in Sydney

It is difficult to pick the right aged care facility when you’re worried about finances or the state of your family home. With SACFA, we guide you step-by-step through preparing for nursing homes in Sydney and the associated costs. Our goal is to give you advice that will prevent costly mistakes and help arrange your finances so your care options include the best care options for your mum or dad.

By looking to maximise pension, benefits, and income and working on Refundable Accommodation Deposits to potentially help your loved ones keep their home, we work efficiently in providing you our professional advice. After our initial free consultation, we come to you with the Sydney aged care answers you need. We present our fees to ensure the plan is within your budget, and we begin to move forward together.

We focus on creating strategies and a personal financial plan for your family for preparing for aged care in Sydney.We’ll meet for a second consultation and present all options to you for moving forward with care and the requirements that need to be met to get your loved one into a nursing home or other aged care option as smoothly as possible. Whether you need help with entry into care, bonds, or extra services, we are prepared to lend our expertise with an empathetic ear.

Peace of Mind with a Plan in Place Through SACFA

We firmly believe helping family members through their care journey is an act of service to the community. With more than 20 years of experience, we use our knowledge and expertise to take the burden off your family and give you peace of mind. We see aged care as an area that is under-represented, and it is important to us to help guide families through making a decision that will benefit their loved ones today and in the future.

After our consultation and plan assembly, we get to work immediately on assessing your finances and needs to get your parent or loved one in the best aged care possible as soon as possible. While we are working, you get to focus on what is most important: caring for your loved one in their time of need.

Whether your situation is urgent or you are looking to plan for the future, we can provide you with customised advice to navigate aged care costs, Refundable Accommodation Deposits, and Daily Accommodation Payments along with income protection, wealth creation, and estate planning. We want you to have peace of mind while we piece together the perfect financial plan for your loved one. Contact us today to get started.

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