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Tips for Applying for Aged Care in Sydney: Apply and Get in to a Nursing Home

Applying for a nursing home in Sydney can be stressful and costly. The legal and financial responsibilities that can fall on the family be exhausting to manage and may distract from the immediate needs of taking care of their loved ones. At Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers, we aim to make the application process as smooth as possible by providing financial advice and tailored planning services based on your aged care or nursing home needs and specifications.

When a loved one takes a sudden turn for the worse and aged care is urgently needed, we work quickly and transparently to provide easy-to-understand advice that will allow you to make the right decisions for the financial future of your family while being present for the life-altering changes your loved one is enduring. SACFA will guide you on how to get into aged care in Sydney with both empathy and effectiveness.

When a Fall Becomes Life-Changing

Your life can change at a moment’s notice. When a loved one has an accident that ultimately puts them in need of long-term aged care to stay safe, there’s no time to waste. During such a vulnerable time, you do not want to make decisions about your loved one’s care without someone you trust consulting you. We can help guide you through the application process for a swift and effective transition into aged care for your loved one.

We will guide you through the five steps of 1) assessment of eligibility/Centrelink assessment, 2) finding accommodation, 3) working out the cost, 4) applying, and 5) moving and settling in. We help work out the costs of the accommodation you are looking to apply for and walk you through the application process so you can be sure you are making the best choice while making a life-changing decision in this urgent time. With all the other questions running through your head, how to get into a nursing home in Sydney won’t be one for long with help from SACFA.

A Helping Hand to Make Applying for Aged Care in Sydney Easier

During the exhausting and stressful time that includes putting your loved one in aged care, it’s important to know the decisions you are making will be the best for your family in the long run. Some families act urgently while making their financial decisions for their loved ones and family, and in the aftermath, they realise the plan they put in place may not be the best. Our goal is to help take the burden off you by helping to assess your finances and open up your care options.

With experience in aged care accommodation bonds, we provide well-planned RAD strategies that may help you keep your family home and provide long-term financial solutions to benefit you and your loved ones. We want to prevent you from making costly errors by providing you with a range of financial options and strategies to pay your RAD and DAP. We keep our advice clear and transparent to support your understanding and trust in us.

Applying for a nursing home in Sydney should be manageable, financially feasible, and transitional. We believe in providing you with comprehensive financial advice to help you make beneficial decisions for the long-term while dealing with the urgent needs of the present.

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